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Our daily routine

We start our day off by welcoming tamariki and whānau as they arrive for the day. Tamariki put their bags on their assigned hooks and lunchboxes in their assigned spaces. Tamariki settle into their choice of activities and engage in play alongside others with the support of our qualified Kaiako.

We follow the Ministry of Education's set early childhood education curriculum Te Whāriki, which is a holistic approach to ensure the well-being, belonging, contribution, communication, and exploration of tamariki are all focused on throughout our free play program. More information on Te Whāriki can be found here...

At approx. 11:15am we all work together to reset our environment before our te wā porowhita / circle time. This is where we acknowledge everyone and share news, dance, sing or have stories together. This is also a time that we have celebrations such as birthdays or poroporoake, as we farewell tamariki and their whānau when they are leaving preschool. We then have our lunch all together. Our afternoons resume by farewelling those who are leaving for the day at 12:30pm or with free play until the end of our day and whānau return to pick up their tamariki by 2:30pm

Activities that your child can participate in

Every day we offer activities that support and extend children in a variety of ways. From playdough and clay to painting, drawing, and a range of art experiences. The children can build with blocks, Duplo, mobile, and Lego, or swing, climb, and play outdoors in our large sandpit. We have a large selection of books for story reading and also encourage creative play through acting stories out, dressing up, and whānau play. We have a programme that actively encourages mathematics and scientific exploration through puzzles, magnetics and electronics, along with sand and water exploration outdoors.