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Settling In

We invite whānau to visit with their child at least 3 times before leaving them for a short period. As whānau know their child best, we discuss what this could look like for each child. Settling visits can start a few weeks before a child’s official start date.

We encourage whānau to visit at different times through the day, so they and their child can see what happens throughout the day. When the child is seemingly settled with their parent, we will encourage the whānau member to leave for a short period of time – only available after the child has turned 2 years of age. After saying goodbye, so the child knows you are leaving, you are welcome to go away for an hour or so, for your child to practice being without you.

With each visit, this time frame may be extended for up to 2 hours without fees.

Once your child is settled without you for 2 hours or more, they can start and fees will be charged as appropriate.